Digital Plant Documentation


Technical Plant Documentation - for Plant Operators and Engineering Service Providers

PLSDOC® is a system for the documentation and support in industrial plants in the area of chemistry, pharmacy, power and treatment plants, petrochemistry and manufacturing industry. 

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PLSDOC® provides the documentation of SIMATIC PCS 7 and all  OPC supporing PCS/SPS system over the entire plant lifecycle (plant lifecycle documentation).

Both the plant operator and the egineering service provider benefit from the high availability of the plant knowhow and receive support in plant maintenance and quality management. 


paperless – transparent – centrally available

  • Central databased system documentation
  • Independent of process control system and scalable
  • Multiproject and multi-user capacity
  • Multilingualism
  • Company-wide solution

PLSDOC® Plant Documentation and Project Development

PLSDOC® Anlagendokumentation von Industrieanlagen - Bereitstellung betriebsrelevanter Dokumente
PLSDOC® – Technical plant documentation of industrial plants - provision of operation-relevant documents

PLSDOC® RE - Lifecycle Documentation / Reverse Documentation

for the Plant Operator

Plant operators benefit from the high plant availability and receive support in plant service and quality management.


  • Increased plant security due to:
    • Protection of the plant knowhow
    • Direct reference to the SCADA world
    • Faster incident identification
    • Provision of procedural instructions for Alarm Management
  • Central storage and availability of the entire plant documentation
  • Transparent and complete change tracking:
    • Automatic revision history
    • State of the plant documentation always up to date
  • Support of operation, production and maintenance:
    • In cases of disturbances and training measures
    • Increase in staff effectiveness
    • Fast detection of information due to paperless working
    • For the PCS documentation/reverse documentation
  • Reduced error sources and prevention of multi-processing in documentation
  • Company-wide solution, multi-user and multi-project capacity

Core Features

  • Automatic comparison of data from process control systems and specifications in real time, e.g.:
    • Limit values
    • Control parameters
    • Locking information
    • Measuring ranges etc.
  • Automatic generation of operation-relevant documents like:
    • Value limit lists
    • Change protocols
    • Specifications
    • IB, FAT and loop check protocols
  • Central and standardized documentation of CFs and SFCs, e.g. for PCS7, Freelance, DeltaV etc.
  • MoC (Management of Change): planning, release and implementation of i&C changes for PCS7, Freelance, DeltaV etc.
  • NEW: Shiftbook function with direct link to the digial shiftbook via SIMATIC PCS7 surface
Anlagenrückdokumentation, Reverse Enigneering,zentrale und standardisierte Anlagendokumentation
Central and standardized plant documentation of the CFCs for PCS7, Freelance and DeltaV
Zentrale und standardisierte Anlagendokumentation der SFCs für PCS7, Freelance und Delta V
Central and standardized plant documentation of SFCs for PCS7, Freelance und DeltaV

PLSDOC® PT - Project Development - from Specification to Mass Configuration

for Service Providers for Automated Processes

PLSDOC® project development offers support starting with the first project steps: from the preparation of the tender documents via specifications, the automated generation of  FAT/IB change protocols to the (mass) configuration of CFCs (CFC - Continuous Function Chart).


  • Standardized and efficient project development
  • Shorter project phases
  • Transparent and complete change documentation
  • Identification of project increases
  • Documentation without any redundancies
  • Prevention of multi-processing and error-sources
  • Simple data import from planning and process control systems

Core Features

  • Provision of customer-specific project documentation
    • Quantity structure, I/O lists
    • Specifications
    • IB/FAT/loop check protocol
  • Data import from planning and process control systems
  • Documentation / reverse documentation of SFCs & CFCs
  • Typical-based generation of function plans for PCS target systems such as Siemens PCS7, Emerson Delta V, ABB Freelance
  • Configuration & actualization of long-term archiving systems such as PI OsiSoft, AspenTech IP21 etc.
  • Generation of bulk files
  • I/O module assignment
  • NEW: AS-Built documentation in CFC and SFC presentation - e.g. for Siemens PCS7, Emerson Delta V and ABB Freelance
Bereitstellung der kundenindividuellen Projektdokumentation, z.B. IB-/FAT-/LoopCheck-Protokoll
Provision of customer-specific project documentation,e.g. IB/FAT/loop check protocol

PLSMPRO - Measurement List Specification

Measurement List Program for Hardware Conception

PLSMPRO is a software solution created for the recording, administration and processing of measurement circuit data, instrument lists, basic data and device specification sheets. In addition to hardware conception, PLSMPRO offers support for the EX(i) burdon of proof for submission to the authorities..

PLSMPRO offers adminstrational support maintenance orders, scheduling, deadline tracking and the documentation of recurring maintenance work concerning EMR facilities, lightning protection systems and the calibration of scales.

For the plant operator, PLSMPRO provides relevant information in the form of standardized project documents, e.g.:

  • Measuring circuit data, instrument lists
  • HTML device viewer for reading access (e.g. for service and maintenance staff, process engineers)
  • Basic data (medium pipeline data)
  • Device specification sheets
  • Test and operating instructions
  • MSR information relevant for security, quality and environment
  • EX(i) device data and cable information (EX(i) evidence report for submission at the authority (TÜV))


  • Company-wide availability of device lists and measuring list specification in HTML documentation
  • Consistency in plant documentation leads to increased quantitiy and quality in production
  • Fast device overview on site
  • Complete revision history including comments on changes, transparent data import
  • Fast disturbance identification
  • Simple EX(i) intrinsic safety calculation on the basis of comprehensive device data
  • SIL classification
  • Central maintenance via remote access by providers
  • Cost saving and reduced error rates due to a central infrastructure
    • data administration
    • data backup

Core Features

  • Recording, administration and providence of hardware conception and EX(i) evidence
  • Customer data from CAE systems such as RUPLAN, EPLAN, AUCOPLAN are reused as project sources
  • Integrated revision management: change tracking with revision counter
  • Simple and safe processing and provision of measuring circuit data, instrument lists, basic data, device specification sheets
  • Multi-project capacity with user management and correction concept
  • Data interface: import/export to CAE systems with change preview and import history
  • Shared data management with the PLS documentation software PLSDOC®RE
Recording, management and processing of measuring circuit data, instrument lists, basic data and device specification sheets
Recording, management and processing of measuring circuit data, instrument lists, basic data and device specification sheets



Reverse Documentation of Process Control Systems in CFC Presentation

PLSDOC® CFC (Continuous Function Chart) provides the reverse documentation of control systems in CFC presentation - e.g. Siemens, ABB Freelance and Delta V. Function plans can be processed in the CFC editor.


  • Increased plant security due to reverse documentation with reduced error rates               
  • Transparency due to revision management
  • Reduction of running costs

Core Features

  • Automated reverse documentation of process control systems ini CFC presentation
  • Design and processing of function plans
  • Comparision of CFC version statuses


PLSDOC® CFC - Editin and reverse documentation of function plan
PLSDOC® CFC - Editing and reverse documentation of function plans

PLSDOC® SFC - Reverse Documentation of Sequence Controls

Documentation of Sequence Chains - Reverse documentation - Siemens WinCC / SIMATIC PCS 7, ABB Freelance and Delta V

PLSDOC® SFC provides the reverse documentation of step chains or sequence controls (SFC - Sequential Function Chart) and the comparison of version statuses.

With an increasing number and complexity of step chains, the automated step chain documentation is highly beneficial. Error-sources are prevented in life cycle documentation and costs are saved. 


  • Time saving due to step chain documentation at the touch of a button
  • Decreased error-rates as a result of automated reverse [nbsp                                                         
  • Complete change history


Core Features

  • Reverse documentation of step chains with graphic editing mask and HTML output
  • HTML presentation with step chain structure, actions and transitions
  • Integration of the Plant documentation into the operating and monitoring stations - therefore availability in the IT world and in SCADA systems 


Intuitive SFC-Designer
Intuitiver SFC-Designer

PLSDOC® PI - Configuration of Process Archive Data

Configuration/Update of long-term Archiving Systems - Siemens WinCC / SIMATIC PCS 7, ABB Freelance, Delta V

PLSDOC® PI provides the  configuration and update of long-term archiving systems such as PI OSIsoft, Plant Historian, Aspentech IP21.


  • Time saving due to automated PI tag configuration for long-term archiving systems at the touch of a button                          
  • Prevention of multiprocessing
  • Reduced error-rates due to automated PI tag configuration                     

Core Features

  • Configuration and update of long-term archiving systems such as  Aspentech IP21, OSIsoft, Plant Historian PDA
  • Synchronization / update und comparison of PI tags in control  and archiving systems
  • Report preview for all tags to be exported


Configuration /update/comparision of long-term archiving systems
Configuration /update/comparison of long-term archiving systems - Siemens WinCC /SIMATIC PCS 7, ABB Freelance, Delta V

PLSDOC® SB - Shift Book for SIMATIC PCS 7

Digital Shiftbook for the Recording and Documentation of Shift Events - also as Web Version available

PLSDOC® SB provides the central digital recording, processing and documentation of shift events.

Plant operators, shift supervisors and plant managers can quickly obtain an actual overview of the status of the entire plant both on the SIMATIC PCS 7 OS Client and on the computer in the office.

Shift information, instructions and events are recorded and archived uniformly across the company. Customer-specific checklists and forms can be integrated. Date are recorded lawfully and complete along the entire production chain.

There is a direct link to the shiftbook at the operator station. Open tasks and processing status are displayed directly at the control level.


  • Efficient and paperless delegation of tasks and measures        
  • Saving of IT costs due to the use of the data recording platform across the company, data acquisition also possible on site
  • Improved overview and handling (e.g. text modules,  automatic spellchecking)    

Core Features

  • Direct access via a button in the WinCC button bar, via the faceplate of the aggregate or via the Shift Book symbol in WinCC
  • Display of open tasks in the control system world
  • Automated forwarding of shift reports




Detailed information on our digital shift book solution Plant Historian SB.

PLSDOC® Plant Documentation and Project Planning is a product offered by iMes Solutions GmbH.

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